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NurseCalcs is a great nursing app for nurses as well as nursing students.  NurseCalcs features 25 of the most used nursing calculators, with more to be added soon.  The Critical Care/ED calculator has many of the most commonly used drips with usual dosing. The ABG interpreter will help you to quickly determine the blood gas disturbance.  IV Rate will calculate rates whether you are using a pump or gravity.

Internet connection is NOT required to use this app.
Calculators Included:
Absolute Neutrophil Count
ABG Interpreter
Adjusted Body Weight
Anion Gap
BMI (Body Mass Index)
Body Surface Area
Critical Care/ER Drugs (Common drips)
Glasgow Coma Scale
Ideal Body Weight
IV Dosage
IV Rate (gtt & mL)
Mean Arterial Pressure
Mcg/kg/hr to mL/hr
Mcg/kg/min to mL/hr
Mcg/min to mL/hr
Mg/kg/hr to mL/hr
Metric & Imperial Conversions
mL/hr to Dose/hr (i.e. Heparin)
mL/hr to Mcg/kg/hr
mL/hr to Mcg/kg/min
mL/hr to Mcg/Min
mL/hr to Mg/kg/hr
Pediatric Dosage
PO Dosage